Video Walls, Trade Show
We create compelling video content for
video walls, interactive displays, and trade show presentations.




Crowdbuzzer helps businesses maximize their investment in display technology by creating compelling content that generates buzz!

Bring new life to basic information elements, like a location map, with motion graphics that help you see the world in a whole new perspective.   The sky’s the limit when it comes to all the possibilities.

Custom video content can be displayed in a video library that features product or project showcase videos, and other compelling content.  Videos can be organized and presented with a user-friendly interface.

The Crowdbuzzer Interactive Screen Demo was produced and developed using a
Planar PXL 2430MW Interactive Touch Screen and a BrightSign XT1143 Interactive Media Control Unit.


Video Walls Portrait

This video shows a multi-screen video wall on the exterior of a lighting showroom at The Trade Mart in the Dallas Market Center in Dallas, Texas.

The content was composed for portrait screen placement and divided into three sets of displays.


Video Walls Landscape

Display screens of variable sizes can be mixed and matched to create unique video wall environments. These video displays are located in a home furnishing design showroom overlooking the entry of the World Market Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Video Wall includes 2 – 70 inch displays on the left with custom video content, and 5 – 55 inch displays across the top with matching themed video content.


Trade Show Display

Trade Show Booth Concept Design for a LIGHTFAIR exhibit, using a transparent video screen display, integrated into the front wall of the booth. The screen displays custom branding video content created in a portrait format.

Transparent displays are a unique application requiring custom content to maximize the effect of the display design.  Results vary depending on the type of content, display environment, ambient lighting, and other factors.