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Leveraging video content on all platforms, has great return on investment for companies. Shooting the content once then dripping different versions of that content across all social platforms is a strong strategy for your content pipeline. We created such a campaign for The Beck Group to showcase an unique new healthcare project they built for Texas Health Resources in Mansfield, Texas.

This video campaign provides a variety of perspectives on the inspiration, construction, and completion of the project.

The videos will be used across multiple online platforms, including The Beck Group website, video channels, and on social media.

This project benefits from an economy of scale and efficiency, to leveraging video resources for an extended use and application.

We designed this campaign to illustrate the use of core content through five different stories:

  • Project Inspiration Concept Video
  • Construction Process Overview Video
  • Team Interview in Long Form (4:29 Version)
  • Team Interview in Shorter Form (3:06 Version)
  • Project Short for Social Media (36 Second Version)

Primary production was shot over 3 different days in two different locations.  The primary footage was shot on our RED Raven Digital Cinema Camera.


The inspiration for a great project can usually be traced back to something simple.

We created this design inspiration video for The Beck Group to showcase a new project called the Texas Health Resource Wellness and Recovery Center.

The story reveals the ideas and inspiration behind the project and the transformation of the development, ultimately revealing a beautiful resource of healing.

Following the progress of a development project allows a viewer to see the process over a period of time.

Sometimes this can be shared with time-lapse images.  Drone footage can also provide a unique perspective.

For this project, we used drone footage provided by The Beck Group, and supplemented it with cinematically captured beauty shots that were produced with our RED Raven Digital Cinema Camera.

The final shots provide a much more vibrant perspective on the project, and, leverage project content resources.

Multiple members of the Beck Healthcare Team share insights, perspectives and experiences about their work on the Texas Health Resources Wellness and Recovery Center in Mansfield, Texas.

The design, build, project management, and delivery of the project to the client are all shared through this interview video format.

Overall play length of the video is designed for a video channel format, that allows for more detailed storytelling.

This abbreviated version of the video above provides a more detailed focus on the project.

The shortened content is edited for a play length to serve on the company website.

This video is created as a short form social media post, with a brief perspective overview of the project.

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