Interactive Touch Display

Crowdbuzzer helps you draw a crowd and create buzz, by producing custom content, and helping you present the content in a variety of formats.

This interactive touch display presentation demonstrates some of the possibilities.

Custom video content can be displayed in a video library that features product or project showcase videos, and other compelling content.  Videos can be organized and presented with a user-friendly interface.

Crowdbuzzer creates unique video content to be displayed on video walls, interactive touch displays, and transparent displays, as seen in this tradeshow concept video.

An interactive display can bring print materials to life.   Further leveraging existing campaigns and resources.   Our compelling video campaigns engage the audience, and have also created award-winning recognition.

Bring new life to basic information elements, like a location map, with custom motion graphics that help you see the world in a whole new perspective.    The sky’s the limit when it comes to all the possibilities.

Produce and display compelling content that helps you draw a crowd and create buzz – with Crowdbuzzer.

The Crowdbuzzer Interactive Screen Demo was produced and developed using a Planar PXL 2430MW Interactive Touch Screen and a BrightSign XT1143 Interactive Media Control Unit.

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