Fix It In Post

Shooting video in ideal conditions is rarely the case.  We often face various challenges to the capture process that require us to work a little magic in post production.

We recently had the opportunity to produce a commercial shoot for a sports product endorsement video.   The shoot featured professional golfer Na Yeon Choi, during a spring LPGA tournament stop in the Dallas area.

Ms. Choi has won numerous LPGA tournaments, including two wins in 2015, and in July of 2012 she won the U.S. Women’s Open for her first major championship.

This video shoot involved exterior action shots and interview content with supplemental lighting.

We faced several challenges on this project as we only had 2 hours to work with a professional athlete, in a crowded location environment, and facing bad weather.

This before-and-after video highlights numerous custom compositing sequences, and motion tracking to enhance shot composition that was originally challenged by various background elements.

The product is designed for use in hot weather, but the day of the shoot, the weather was cold and cloudy, with occasional mist and rain!

We added a sun light source in post and color graded the final composition to provide more of a warm weather look to the footage.

Our preference is to have ideal conditions, but if all else fails, we will fix it in post…



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